In today’s binary world of technology, delivering quality over quantity is the key to a happy customer and here at Charpixel, these are the words we live by. We follow simple but 11 strict steps to ensure that we never fall behind on the quality of the product.

We bridge the gap first: It is of utmost importance that we understand the client’s needs before starting with the project, incomplete requirements lead to poor-functioning products.

We do the research next: We treat the client’s business as our making sure we know the ins and outs of the business model which tailors our product to best fit the market.

We Sync: Once we have done the due diligence on the idea and the research we make sure the requirements are amended with the market research.

We develop the app flow: To be able to see how the application will flow from one frame to another always helps the client to understand and update the objectives accordingly.

We wire the frames next: Wireframes help the client to see how the user will interact with the interface, providing insight into how the features will pan out as a whole package.

We design: How the project looks in reality and how it feels decides the future of the application, if the design is flawed it will never catch up with the user and hence we try out multiple designs to find the best fit.

We create the product manual: The client must always be able to understand the workings of the product, after all, he is running the show.

We develop: The development of the application is broken down into individual modules, and the team works on each module separately at a time, after each module is completed it is time to test the module enhancing client engagement with the product development.

We perform quality checks: As each module is developed we run multiple tests to ensure that all the bugs are fixed before delivering the product.

We deliver: The application goes live and the product is delivered to the client.

We support: After the product is launched we make sure that we support the client with any issue or queries post-launch. As a Charpixel client, we always have your back!

With all the above steps we always make sure that we communicate regularly with our clients, keeping them in the loop of what is happening with their products. So come and be a part of our family of satisfied clients at

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